Lesson 1: The State of Math Education in America

In this session Andrew Elizalde describes the state of math education in America, noting how we got to the current state and how people try to explain the current mediocrity. In a following session Andrew will suggest what he thinks should be done to renew and improve math education.
Outline of Session
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Questions for Discussion

  • What are the key changes that Andrew recommends to improve and renew math education in the US?
  • How can the desire to learn critical thinking through mathematics be cultivated in students?
  • How can a balance be struck between fulfilling the core curriculum as well as making sure students are able to have sufficient interaction with the material? What obstacles are in the way besides timing?
  • Are there any other reasons not mentioned in this video for the ineffectiveness of current mathematical teaching?
  • What does it mean to develop an individual philosophy of education? What, to you, does it look like to educate a child, and what does it require?

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