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Brian Williams, PhD

Dr. Brian A. Williams is Dean of the Templeton Honors College and Associate Professor of Ethics & Liberal Studies. He is also Dean of the College of Arts & Humanities. Before coming to Eastern, he was Lecturer in Theology and Christian Ethics at the University of Oxford and Director of Oxford Conversations, a collection of curated video interviews with leading Christian academics and scholars at Oxford.

He holds an MPhil and DPhil in Christian Ethics from the University of Oxford (UK), where he was a Clarendon Scholar; an MA and ThM in Systematic and Historical Theology from Regent College (Vancouver, Canada); and a BA in Biblical Studies from Ozark Christian College (Joplin, MO).

He is married to Kim Williams and has three children: Ilia, Brecon, and Maeve.

Kathryn Smith, PhD

Dr. Kathryn Smith is co-director of the MAT in Classical Education and Assistant Professor in Classical Education in the Templeton Honors College. Prior to joining Eastern, she was a visiting lecturer at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas.

She holds a M.A. and Ph.D. in literature from the University of Dallas (Irving, TX), where she was a Louise Cowan Scholar; and a B.U.S. in liberal studies from the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM).

She enjoys hiking, skiing, and bicycling. She is married to Bryan Smith and has one daughter, Elizabeth.

Phillip Cary, PhD

Phillip Cary (Ph.D., Yale University 1994) is Professor of Philosophy at Eastern University and Scholar-in-Residence at the Templeton Honors College.

Phillip Cary’s specialty is the history of Christian thought, with particular focus on Augustine and Luther. He is perhaps best known for his book Good News for Anxious Christians, along with his lecture series published by The Great Courses, including courses on AugustineLuther, the History of Christian Theology, and Philosophy and Religion in the West. In addition to numerous articles and reviews, he has published three books on Augustine with Oxford University Press (Augustine’s Invention of the Inner Self, 2000; Inner Grace, 2008; and Outward Signs, 2008) and one with Rowman & Littlefield (Augustine and Philosophy, 2010), co-edited with John Doody and Kim Paffenroth. Another area of interest is theological exegesis, where he has contributed a commentary on the book of Jonah (Brazos Press, 2008).

Fred Putnam, PhD

Dr. Putnam has taught graduate, post-graduate, and undergraduate courses in biblical language and interpretation since 1984, as well as high-school level seminars in Shakespeare, poetry, literature, and philosophy. He teaches the honors courses in biblical studies.

He has published several reference works and textbooks on Classical (Biblical) Hebrew, and is now writing a book on the interpretation of biblical poetry. His next two book-length projects are on biblical theology based on biblical metaphors, and a Christian view of education.

Dr. Putnam is an ordained minister (Presbyterian Church in America). He and his wife, Emilie, have three daughters, all of whom live in southeast Pennsylvania. He enjoys reading and discussing poems, military history, literature, baking, listening to and making music (singing and playing recorder, hand drum, timbrel, and finger cymbals—early music), mountain-biking, and swimming in lakes.

Learn more on his website: fputnam.com.

Amy Richards, PhD

Dr. Amy Richards completed her dissertation entitled “‘Beyond Reason and Beyond Merit’: Practical Wisdom and the Second-Person.” She is excited to have returned to Eastern and to the Templeton Honors College.

Currently, Dr. Richards’ is writing on the virtue of ‘docilitas’ and on how an understanding of persons as selves defined always in relation to the Other affects our conceptions of freedom.


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