Course Introduction

Dr. Perrin introduces this course, which he has designed to provide parents and educators with a clear vision for classical education.

Recommended Reading & Referenced Works

Recommended ClassicalU Courses:

Outline of Session

Discussion Questions
  • In your country and culture, what would you say are the ideals are that the nation seeks, as revealed in the educational system (curriculum, setting, etc.)?
  • How would you answer the following questions, which Dr. Perrin references as questions every educational approach must ask:
    • Who is the student? (Implicitly, what is a human being, and what is the human being for?)
    • What curriculum do we teach?
    • In what setting do we teach?
    • To what ends or purposes do we teach?
Introduction to Classical Education (PDF)

What is Classical Christian Education? (PDF)


Assignments and Action Steps

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