Essential Philosophy

Dr. Schenk’s Story

Dr. Schenk’s Story: Essential Philosophy

In this presentation, Dr. Schenk’s share’s his philosophical odyssey including his conversion from atheism to Christian theism.
Reading Mentioned in Dr. Schenk's Story

In Dr. Schenk’s story of moving from atheism, to theism, and finally to belief in the Incarnation and Trinity, he mentions several books you might find interesting:


Outline of Session
1:00 Dr. Schenk’s childhood, raised as an atheist

2:00 Dr. Schenk’s account of becoming a theist

“Maybe, just maybe, I’ve been wrong about the entire cosmos, about the most fundamental joints of all reality, for these past thirty years. My mind touched a mind underneath everything of the cosmos…underneath everything else of reality.” 

15:00 Dr. Schenk’s personal test to find God and his realization of God, the Incarnation, and the Trinity

22:54 Closing thoughts

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