Lesson 1: An Example of Socratic Teaching

We thought it would be best to start this course with an example of Socratic teaching before trying to describe it. In this video veteran teacher Grant Horner leads a group of 10th graders in a Socratic discussion about film, culture, and theology. This discussion was filmed at the Regents School of Austin in one of the 10th grade classes at the school. Grant was a guest teacher for this class and the students had just been introduced to him when he sat down at the table to lead this discussion.

Outline of Session
Discussion Questions
  • What do you note about the ways in which Grant Horner leads this seminar?
  • Why do you think he chose the opening question that he did?
  • In what ways did Grant Horner seeks to integrate what students were currently studying into this discussion?
  • What do you note about the ways in which students interact with one another?
  • Did it appear that Grant wanted to lead the discussion somewhere, or was he content to let the conversation be driven by students? Or was it some combination of the two?
  • In what ways does Grant blend lecture and discussion?
Assignments and Action Steps

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