Awakening Wonder: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

with Dr. Stephen Turley
In this brief course, Dr. Stephen Turley traces and explains the tradition of the enduring transcendental ideals of truthgoodness, and beauty. If truth, goodness, and beauty are cornerstones of the classical tradition of education, then classical educators should know more about their origin, purpose, historical development, and present-day relevance.

ThAWTGB__49637.1425935184.386.500is course follows the text Awakening Wonder: A Classical Guide to Truth, Goodness & Beauty, published by Classical Academic Press. The video lectures in this course will follow the table of contents in this book. We highly recommend purchasing the text for reference throughout the course.

This course follows the text Awakening Wonder: A Classical Guide to Truth, Goodness & Beauty, published by Classical Academic Press. Reading assignments associated with each video lecture are listed in each session, as well as questions for discussion and reflection.

  • Lesson1: Two Civilizations as Sources for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty
  • Lesson 2: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in the Classical World
  • Lesson 3: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in the Christian East
  • Lesson 4: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in the Christian West
  • Lesson 5: Redeeming the Senses
  • Lesson 6: The Moral Imagination
  • Lesson 7: How Beauty Teaches
  • Lesson 8: Beauty and Theology
  • Lesson 9: Dr. Christopher Perrin Interviews Dr. Turley
Turley - classroomSteve Turley (PhD, Durham University) is a theologian, social theorist, classical Christian educator, and prize-winning classical guitarist. He is the author of The Ritualised Revelation of the Messianic Age: Washings and Meals in Galatians and 1 Corinthians and Awakening Wonder: A Classical Guide to Truth, Goodness & Beauty. Steve blogs on the church, society and culture, education, and the arts at TurleyTalks.com. He is a faculty member at Tall Oaks Classical School in New Castle, DE, where he teaches theology, Greek, and rhetoric, and is a professor of fine arts at Eastern University. Steve lectures at universities, conferences, and churches throughout the U.S. and abroad. His research and writings have appeared in such journals as Christianity and Literature, Calvin Theological Journal, First Things, Touchstone, and The Chesterton Review. He and his wife, Akiko, have four children and live in Newark, DE, where they together enjoy fishing, gardening, and watching Duck Dynasty marathons.

Please Note: The certification credit component of this course is now active but also undergoing refinement and testing.

To obtain a certification credit for this course, simply complete the quiz that follows each presentation by Dr. Turley, and then also take the certification test at the end of the course. The quizzes are designed to ensure that you have understood the essential content of each presentation, and they can be taken more than once if necessary. The cumulative certification test at the end of the course is given as a pass/fail test and requires that you upload one or more essays demonstrating your understanding this course (with essays evaluated by word count only). When you have completed the course, a certificate that you can print or email will magically appear under the “My Courses” section of this website.

We recommend previewing the essay question at the end of the End-of-Course Test. This will help in guiding your note taking as you progress through the course.

By taking the course for certification credit, you also will be on your way to obtaining a Level 2 certification. This course counts toward our Level 2 certification, but it can be taken by anyone—even those still working their Level 1 certification on ClassicalU.


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