Lesson 1: Introduction to The Liberal Arts Tradition

Welcome to Lesson 1 of The Liberal Arts Tradition. In this lesson, Kevin Clark and Ravi Jain introduce themselves and their book, The Liberal Arts Tradition.

Lecture Notes
Recommended Reading

In conjunction with this lesson, we recommend reading the foreword, the publisher’s note, and the preface (pp. i–x) in the corresponding course text, The Liberal Arts Tradition.

Questions for Discussion and Reflection
  1. Do you have collaborative friends and fellow teachers who sharpen you the way Kevin and Ravi have sharpened one another? Are you reading and discussing great books with your fellow teachers?
  2. What is a tradition? Why is it worth studying a tradition of education that is centuries old?
  3. J. Pelikan said that “traditionalism is the dead faith of living men; tradition is the living faith of dead men.” Discuss this in light of your reading and the presentation by Kevin and Ravi.

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