Classical Education in America

Recovering a Christian Paideia


Lesson 1: Recovering a Christian Paideia

David Goodwin presents on how we might recover a Christian paideia.

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Outline of Session
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Discussion Questions
  • After hearing David, how would you define the word paideia? Why might it be useful to recover this word?
  • How would you describe the essential elements of a Christian paideia?
  • What must Christians do in response to progressives repurposing paideia?


  1. cmaiocca123

    This is a tremendous resource. Thank you.

  2. M

    Outstanding. Thank you. I have stumbled over how to succinctly talk about what we are trying to accomplish in our homeschool, and how it affects decisions about our life at church and with leisure time. This will help tremendously.

  3. Sharon Hennessy

    Has progressive thought taken us so far that when we look at the fruit of its labour, can we really recover? From the image of the apple its only looks like it has got to the flesh. But in reality when we look at education at large particularly in Europe, its has got to the core. From my view it’s looking more like a salvage mission. The good news is that God only needs a remnant and I hope and pray for all the remnant that they will arise and build.

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