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New Courses and Content

A Brief History of Classical Education

with Dr. Matthew Post

Dr. Post is the director of the graduate program for classical educators at the University of Dallas and professor of philosophy. This brief course will acquaint you with the essential history of the tradition of classical education.

The Catholic Tradition of Classical Education

with Dr. Andrew Seeley

Around the nation, Catholic schools are starting to recover and renew classical education. In this course, Dr. Andrew Seeley, tutor at Thomas Aquinas College traces the Catholic tradition of education and its ongoing renewal.

Essential Philosophy for Classical Educators

with Dr. David Schenk

Dr. Schenk is a philosophy professor at Messiah College with a penchant for clear, logical thinking who is also possessed by a great love for truth. This is an essential class for all classical educators.

Added in the Last 6 Months

Singapore Math

with Dawn Swartz

Dawn is the grammar school principal at Covenant Christian Academy in PA and lover of math. She also loves Singapore Math and offers her remarkable Singapore Math training in this course.

Urban Classical Education

with Russ Gregg

Russ Gregg is the pioneer head of school of Hope Academy in Minneapolis, MN–a school that provides classical education to almost 500 inner city students. This course will help inspire and guide those who have a vision for doing the same in other urban settings.

Socratic Teaching

with Various Presenters

Learn how to teach using Socratic discussion by viewing not only lectures on the subject, but by watching veteran Socratic teachers in action!

Effective Grammar School Teaching & Leadership

with Lori Jill Keeler

Veteran grammar school teacher Lori Jill Keeler (Westminster School, AL) came and recorded 12 remarkable presentations that we think every grammar school teacher will want to view and study! You can preview this course here.

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What is coming next!

The Seven Liberal Arts

Andrew Kern with Christopher Perrin

In this course Andrew Kern along with Christopher Perrin present the history, meaning, and application of the seven liberal arts, which both like to call the seven liberating arts. This course should release In November, 2018.

School Leadership

Keith Nix with Robyn Burlew

In this course, head of school Keith Nix and upper school head Robyn Burlew of the Veritas School in Richmond share their insights about how to lead and operate a thriving classical school. This course should release In November, 2018.

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