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New Courses and Content: Fall 2017

Classical Pedagogy II

with Andrew Kern

Andrew Kern visited our offices in August to record his pithy and profound course on classical pedagogy, featuring training on mimetic and Socratic teaching. You won’t miss this course with Andrew at his best! Preview his course here.

Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

with Andrew Pudewa

We are thrilled to feature this brief and important course on the four language arts of listening, speaking, reading and writing, featuring master teacher and writing expert Andrew Pudewa. Preview his course here.

Effective Grammar School Teaching & Leadership

with Lori Jill Keeler

Veteran grammar school teacher Lori Jill Keeler (Westminster School, AL) came and recorded 12 remarkable presentations that we think every grammar school teacher will want to view and study! You can preview this course here.

What is coming next!

Singapore Math

with Dawn Swartz

Dawn is the grammar school principal at Covenant Christian Academy in PA and lover of math. She also loves Singapore Math and offers her remarkable Singapore Math training in this course.

Essential Philosophy for Classical Educators

with Dr. David Schenk

Dr. Schenk is a philosophy professor at Messiah College with a penchant for clear, logical thinking who is also possessed by a great love for truth. This is an essential class for all classical educators.