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David Goodwin, the executive director of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, presents on how we can recover a Christian paideia.
Latin educator Will Kilmer (Veritas School, Richmond, Virginia) speaks on the value of teaching Latin as living, spoken language.
Robyn Burlew of Veritas Academy shares the foundational principles of effective teaching.
Dr. Christopher Perrin reviews his top ten books on classical education.
Andrew Kern of the Circe Institute describes the ways that C.S. Lewis has contributed to the renewal of classical education in the US and abroad.
Dr. Brian Williams of Eastern University describes the Templeton Honors College and the Master of Arts in Teaching Program.
Dr. Brian Williams of Eastern University describes classical education as good (very good) coffee.
Dr. David Diener of Hillsdale Academy speaks about the importance of Plato for classical education.
Dr. Phillip Carey of Eastern University presents on the concept of truth.
Dr. Fred Putnam of Eastern University speaks on the nature of learning and teaching.
Josh Gibbs of Veritas Academy answers the question “What should we read?”
Dr. Richard Schaeffer of Messiah College is the Chemistry Professor Who Loves Tolkien.
Ravi Jain and Kevin Clark explain how classical education can be summarized as piety, gymnastic, music, liberal arts, philosophy, and theology.
Dr. Amy Richards of Eastern University speaks on classical education and students with special needs.
Andrew Kern of the Circe Institute presents on mimetic and Socratic teaching.
Andrew Pudewa of the Institute for Excellence in Writing speaks on the art of listening.

Dr. Kevin Clark of The Ecclesial Schools Initiative with a review of new content in the revised edition of The Liberal Arts Tradition.

Webinar Archives

February 2020 Webinar on Practical Scholé with Dr. Christopher Perrin.

March 2020 Webinar on Logic Instruction with Joelle Hodge, author and presenter on our course Essential Logic: The Logical Fallacies.

April 2020 Webinar on Tolkien and Faerie Tales with Dr. Andrew Seeley. (Also find four linked resources from Dr. Seeley available on this webinar page.)

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