The Scholé Muses

These experienced and inspired homeschool educators will bring you solid instruction, practical guidance, and a touch of wonder.

The Scholé Muses are experienced homeschool educators and community directors. They invite you to join their conversations about how to bring an excellent classical education to your home and homeschooling community.

Meet the Muses

Brooke Diener

Brooke Diener has been classically homeschooling her own children and teaching in co-ops for over a decade, and has served other homeschooling families through her writing and speaking at conferences. She holds a BA in Christian education and psychology from Wheaton College and a Montessori teaching certification from the United Montessori Association. She and her husband—headmaster, consultant, and author Dr. David Diener—live in Hillsdale, Michigan, with their four energetic and eclectic children and are committed to furthering the mission and impact of classical Christian education through their lives and work. In her leisure time, Brooke loves to read the classics and discuss them with friends, and to take long hikes in the woods with her family.

Kathy Weitz

Kathy Weitz is the Scholé Groups administrator for Classical Academic Press. For more than a quarter-century, she educated her six children at home and also pursued a classical education for herself. Though her youngest child graduated in 2018, she is continuing to pursue her own “life well-read” as she works toward a master’s degree in Christian and classical studies. In addition to her own children, she has taught a number of other students, both online and in the classroom. Kathy continues to be involved in her local home education community as the director of curriculum at Providence Prep, a Scholé community in Purcellville, Virginia. In addition, she is spearheading an effort to open a collegiate-model classical high school in her local community. Kathy blogs about Morning Time, commonplace books, self-education, scholé, and more at The Reading Mother.

Jennifer Dow

Jennifer Dow is a classical teacher, writer, and speaker. She completed the CiRCE Apprenticeship program as a CiRCE–certified classical teacher and has taught humanities, logic, rhetoric, and the fine arts since 2009. Jennifer researches, writes, and speaks about classical teaching; serves as the founder and director of learning and development at Paideia Fellowship in Charlotte, North Carolina; teaches humanities locally and online; and is the co-host of The Classical Homeschool Podcast. She also works with Classical Academic Press on the Scholé Groups team. Jennifer’s published works can be seen around the web at Paideia Fellowship, the CiRCE Institute, Scholé Groups, and Afterthoughts. She has been featured on the Your Morning Basket podcast with Pam Barnhill and has spoken to moms and educators around the country on how to teach classically and create thriving classical communities. She is currently working on her first book, a memoir chronicling her journey of becoming a classical teacher.

Colleen Leonard

Colleen Leonard is the director of Sola Gratia Classical Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina, which began as a Scholé pilot group in 2015, following three years of teaching a group out of her basement classroom. She has been homeschooling for sixteen years and has four children ranging in age from four to nineteen. She loves bringing creative, embodied learning to students and helping others create a more restful experience in their pursuit of a classical education. Her passion is to educate students’ heads and hearts for Christ.

Christine Parker

Christine Parker is a director of Veritas Academy, a Scholé group in Chicago. Veritas Academy began as a classical Christian co-op in 2014, serving about twenty children, and God has since grown the co-op to serve more than seventy-five children, ages pre-K through 9th grade. Christine serves as the co-op’s director of logic and rhetoric (junior and senior high) and as its director of curriculum. She has been homeschooling for just over five years and has five children—two biological and three adopted—ages three to thirteen. Outside of homeschooling, her passion is meeting the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of at-risk children in Chicago and abroad. She is privileged to be able to use her juris doctor and master of business to further these causes through service on the boards of directors of two not-for-profit organizations in Chicago and as a local church contact for Safe Families.

Carolyn Baddorf

Carolyn Baddorf helped form the Scholé Homeschool Center of Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. This group is now in its fifth year and serves approximately seventy-five children ages pre-K to 12th grade. Carolyn continues to serve the co-op through teaching and leadership. She has three children and has been homeschooling for nine years. She is an adjunct professor of nursing for a local community college, teaching psychiatric nursing part-time. She revels in beautiful ideas and making connections as she learns the Great Tradition alongside her students.

Classical Education at Home: Foundations

Scholé Muse Brooke Diener on the homeschooling parent as a guide or tutor (15 min.)

Scholé Muse Kathy Weitz describes the practical ways we can employ scholé (restful learning) at home and in our homeschooling communities (20 min.)

Scholé Muse Brooke Diener on scheduling and planning (22 min.)

Scholé Muse Brooke Diener on the rhythms and practices of your home (15 min.)

Classical Education at Home: Curriculum and Pedagogy

Scholé Muse Brooke Diener on classical pedagogy in the homeschool (23 min.)

The Scholé Muses discuss what is curriculum and learning to love what is lovely (20 min.)

Scholé Muse Kathy Weitz introduces the ways in which we can employ a classical curriculum and pedagogy in our homeschools and homeschooling communities (28 min.)

The Scholé Muses discuss why Latin is a superior choice for language and grammatical study in a classical homeschool (32 min.)

Scholé Muse Jennifer Dow describes a classical pedagogy for homeshooling teachers that leads a child to truth, goodness, and beauty (32 min.)

Scholé Muse Kathy Weitz describes three fundamental principles and practices of classical teaching methods (or pedagogy) that will lead to effective teaching (27 min.)

Scholé Muse Jennifer Dow describes the ways we can cultivate wonder in our teaching (35 min.)

Scholé Muse Colleen Leonard on the cultivation of virtue (13 min.)

The Scholé Muses discuss the practices that will help us to cultivate virtue in our children, both at home and in our homeschooling communities (25 min.)

Scholé Muse Jennifer Dow describes how we can employ embodied and liturgical teaching in our homeschools (30 min.)

The Scholé Muses discuss the ways we can practically employ embodied and liturgical learning (20 min.)

The Scholé Muses discuss what Socratic discussion is and isn’t and how to implement it in homeschool settings (26 min.)

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