We are glad to report that we are making significant progress towards finishing the development of all of our level 1 and level 2 courses, such that all of the courses can be taken for certification credit. We now have five course developers employed to help us with this task, and we making great headway. At this point we think we are about 8 weeks away from being completely done, which means being done by the new year.

We will also be making some changes to make it easier for you to upload your end of course essays. Our plan is add a separate module for uploading your essay, with a preceding prompt so you can have your essay ready for upload when you open up the module. Some of you have found yourself taking the end of course test, only to find that you are prompted to upload an essay that you have not yet completed and thus cannot upload.

In the meantime, we have changed the settings on all of the end of course test modules so that you can reset and retake the test a second time, at which time you can upload your essay.

We are also going to soon release a new course featuring Andrew Kern teaching on the seven liberal arts with two lectures from me. That course should be posted and ready sometime in November.

Another course on leadership featuring Keith Nix and Robyn Burlew of the Veritas School (Richmond, VA) should also be posted in November!

Finally, we will be launching a new services for subscribers of ClassicalU: Live Book Groups. How would you like to spend 4 to 8 weeks discussing a great book with one of the ClassicalU presenters–at no cost? Details coming in about two weeks!


Christopher P


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