Discussion 1: How Did Classical Educators Respond?

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  • (00:00) Chris:  Why didn’t classical educators at that time respond better?  How did they respond?  How did they handle these life-changing inventions?
  • (01:09) Jason:  They already have started to lose the day before this.  Educational history is tricky to do.  Progressivism era in education is still going today.  It never goes away.
  • (03:24) Chris:  Is it possible that they didn’t fully understand what was happening at the time?
  • (05:02) Jason: It’s really the progressives that invent education as a discipline. 
  • (06:20) Chris:  The word progressivism and the progressive model makes one think of moving forward.  Could you talk about what progressive educators were moving toward?  What was their ideal society?
  • (06:50) Jason:  They don’t have one (an ideal society).  You can’t really have progress unless you have a clear vision toward a particular point.  It is really an abandonment of fixed goals.  They want an efficient society.  They know what they don’t like, and they don’t like the past.
  • (09:37) Chris:  Does this account for the way that so many progressive educators focus on pedagogical methods, without as much focus on what those methods are to achieve or attain?
  • (09:53) Jason:  With the training of educators today, the focus is not on what we want them to know, but here is this method (labelled scientific).  This is dehumanizing to the teacher themselves, delivering (with method) to another machine. 
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