Lesson 6: Embodied Learning 3—Liturgical Learning

In this session, Jenny Rallens speaks on “The Liturgical Classroom and Cultivation of Virtue.” This presentation extends the application of embodied learning into the classroom practices or “liturgies” that powerfully shape student affections and their desires and aptitudes for learning. Jenny has been a pioneer in the recovery of liturgical learning, as this video presentation clearly demonstrates.

This recording is provided by the Alcuin Fellowship and the Society for Classical Learning.

Recommended Reading
Outline of Session
Discussion Questions
  • What is the connection between liturgy and the cultivation of virtue?
  • Why are ecclesial liturgies a rich source for educational practices?
  • What are some other “liturgies” that you can imagine employing in your teaching?
  • Do we employ a “teaching liturgy”—whether we are conscious of it or not?
  • A better liturgy was to commonplace and to work through nectar gathering. This liturgy says that books are to be wondered and marveled at. Creative projects lead to the understanding that the fruit of education is not regurgitation but creation. Virtue becomes something that students live in their lives. Compare this summary of the impact of the liturgy of Lectio, Meditatio, Compositio with the impact of liturgy that requires students to read alone in order to study for a test.
  • In The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis says that virtue is the result of having emotions that are trained by habit. How are you attentive to habits in your school or homeschool both within classes and within the whole school day?
  • How might you prioritize slowing down in order for your students to grow in virtue through following classroom liturgies like those presented in this session? How is embodied education connected to other principles of classical education?
Recommended Reading
See the PDF paper below on “How Much Do People Forget?”
Recommended Reading
See the PDF paper below on “How Much Do People Forget?”


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