Introduction: An Overview of the Principles of Classical Pedagogy

In this session, Dr. Perrin presents an overview of the essential principles of classical pedagogy.
Recommended Reading
Outline of Session
Discussion Questions
  • Describe what it means that principles and practices are always interrelated or in “in a dance” with one another.
  • What might you change about your classroom (what you see, hear, smell, and taste)? What traditions and practices might change?
  • How does good repetition as a “reseeking” shape how you think of memorization?
  • How can you model wonder for your students?
  • Does thinking about song, chants, and jingles and wonder and curiosity lead you to do anything differently in your school or homeschool? What could you do in your teaching that might cultivate wonder?
  • Imagine the atmosphere of a classroom or a homeschool that you would want to return to. Discuss what this is like.


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