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Lesson 4: The History of Ancient Education

This is the fourth presentation on A Brief History of Classical Education by Dr. Matthew Post. In it, he provides an in-depth exploration of the history of Classical Education in the Ancient world of Rome, Sparta, and Athens. He shows how the Liberal Arts tradition as well as the the Philosophical tradition of the west developed from the education in these societies.

Recommended Reading
  • Read Virgil’s masterpiece, The Aeneid, for a spectacular read and to learn more about pietas.
  • See Cicero’s advice to his son studying in Athens in De Officiis
Outline of Session
Discussion Questions
  • Discuss some of the important differences between ancient education and those things that are central to the current renewal of Christian classical education?
  • The Athenian ideal for education was kalokagathia, which means “to be beautiful and good”. Discuss how you can bring more beauty into your school or homeschool?  How are time, space, and content impacted when considering beauty and goodness as an ideal for education?
  • The three outcomes of a Roman education were philosopher, statesman, and soldier. Discuss how a secular education system, grounded upon shared ideals and virtues, maintained influence on education for so many centuries.
  • Why did the Roman and Spartan education systems end?

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