Lesson 3: The Seven Liberating Arts

This is Andrew Kern’s first presentation on the liberal arts in which he argues they can be considered “liberating arts.”

Recommended Reading

“Education is our path to true humanity and wisdom.”

In this lecture, Andrew Kern quotes from author Stratford Caldecott’s book Beauty for Truth’s Sake: On the Re-enchantment of Education (2017). While not necessary for this lecture, you may wish to read Caldecott’s work for a deeper look at reclaiming the classical, liberal arts.

Outline of Session and Conversation

Discussion Questions
  • Without truth, a human mind is bound. The seven liberal arts set students free from their bindings. Have you ever witnessed one of your students have an “Aha!” or “Light-bulb” moment in the classroom? How did these moments set the student free?
  • The ultimate goal of a liberal arts education is to harmonize the thoughts of children, humans, communities, and the cosmos. How will instilling this harmony in your students prepare them for life beyond the classroom (in college or vocational school, in their future communities, and in their relationships with God)?

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