Lesson 12: Observe 7th Grade Classroom (with preclass interview)

Join Joshua Gibbs in his classroom as he teaches 7th graders an Old Testament survey course. Note his use of a “catechism” at the beginning of class. 1) In the first video, Mr. Gibbs discusses teaching strategies generally, as well as his expectations for the coming 7th and 10th grade classes. 2) The second video features the class session itself.

Recommended Reading



Outline of Session
Discussion Questions
  • What do you think of Josh Gibbs’s use of the “catechism” at the beginning of class?
  • Could this practice be implemented in one of your classes?
  • How would you describe Josh’s teaching style?
  • What does he do well?
  • Do you agree or disagree with Josh’s assessment of how the class went?
Assignments and Action Steps


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