Lesson 1: Introduction to Singapore Math

In this session, Dawn Swartz introduces Singapore Math by sharing its background, effectiveness, overall approach and pedagogy, and its harmony with the classical tradition of education.

Recommended Reading

See Dr. Christopher Perrin’s blog articles on principles of pedagogy on InsideClassicalEd.com.

Outline of Session
Image: The Singapore Math Problem-Solving Framework

Here is the Singapore Math Problem-Solving Framework used by Dawn in her presentation:



Viewer: Slides for Presentation

Here are some slides to print and place in your Singapore Math binder:



Discussion Questions
  • In what ways does Singapore Math fit well with the classical model of education?
  • Why does Singapore Math feature a pedagogy that moves from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract?
  • Why is it important to teach each mathematical concept to mastery?
  • Discuss the educational value of using heuristics teaching Singapore Math.

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