Teaching Is about Students

Lesson 1


Lesson 1: Teaching Is about Students

This is the first presentation on Effective Upper School Education by Dr. Christopher Schlect.
Recommended Reading

The following reading also discusses the subject of effective education, though the author’s focus and approaches may differ somewhat from Schlect’s. This is not meant to dismiss his lecture, but to encourage a healthy comparison (and perhaps even a blend) of multiple perspectives. Some of the reading’s key points align with Schlect’s, others are more oriented around technical aspects of teaching which the lecture did not cover. The condensed outline should help delineate where Schlect stands relative to these variations.

Qualities of Effective Teachers, by James H. Strong, 3rd Edition (with emphasis on the preface, Chapter 1 and Chapter 8)

Outline of Session
Discussion Questions
  • The teacher’s purpose is ‘to motivate the student beyond their level of competence’. Given a teacher’s years of studying a certain subject or honing their own depth as a student, should we be taking this literally, or interpreting it from another angle?
  • What are some practical strategies a teacher can take to ensure that students attain the three tiers (information, habit formation, character formation) that Schlect laid out?
  • Are there any habits or traits you would change within Schlect’s three tiers?
  • Discuss with yourself and with peers/mentors how you would rank the three tiers in terms of importance, and why.

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