Discussion: Logic in One’s Life and Study

In this session, Joelle Hodge and Christopher Perrin discuss the importance of teaching and learning formal logic.

Outline of Session

A discussion with Joelle Hodge and Christopher Perrin on the ways the study of logic can impart capacity “across the curriculum” and in various spheres of life.

Discussion Questions
  • In what ways can you see the study of logic imparting capacity to your thinking, reasoning, life, and work?
  • How might we help students to see the value of studying formal logic?
  • Do your students ever talk about the ways they are using logic in other studies or other parts of their lives?
Assignments and Action Steps
  • Brainstorm a list of ways that formal logic imparts capacity to you and your students.
  • Study the “Deduction in Action” sections in The Discovery of Deduction textbook to see examples of how logic relates to many human activities.

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