Discussion of Lecture 1

Dr. Perrin and Dr. Turley discuss the opening lecture on The Abolition of Man, focusing the ways that we become like that we worship.
Recommended Reading
No reading required for this first lecture, though reading chapter 1 of The Abolition of Man will be recommended for the next lecture.
Outline of Session

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Discussion Questions
  • In your opinion, does technology occupy an amoral space?
  • How is technology helpful and harmful in your life as an educator? In the lives of your students?
  • In what ways do you see yourself becoming a part of your technology?
  • How much do you rely upon technology in your daily life? In your position as an educator?
  • Consider how you use search engines such as Google. Do you encounter a wealth of knowledge, a depth of knowledge, or both? How connected do you feel to the material you are accessing?
Assignments and Action Steps
Take a moment to consider the technology that your students use in their classrooms and learning environments, such as the search engines or methods they use for research assignments and in-class activities. Is the technology and the way it is used helpful or harmful? Is any of it a gimmick that doesn’t actually enrich their learning experience? Now think of how you use technology and search engines like Google, too. Take some time to brainstorm methods or practices your students (and you!) might use to facilitate learning and cultivate virtue.


Additional Reading
While not necessary for the course, you might be interested in reading several of the following articles, which are short, engaging pieces on C. S. Lewis, technology, That Hideous Strength and The Abolition of Man:

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