Lesson 1: Lady Philosophy’s Diagnosis of Boethius

Josh Gibbs describes Lady Philosophy’s diagnosis of Boethius in Book 1, Chapter 2 of The Consolation of Philosophy
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In this lecture, Josh Gibbs refers to the following works:


Outline of Session
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Discussion Questions
  • Is there a difference between believing in God and believing in God’s goodness? In other words, can God still be God if he is not good? Explain.
  • What arguments can you propose to support Augustine’s, then Boethius’, beliefs concerning the passions (desire, delight, fear, and grief)? Are the passions always detrimental, or do they have their value? Which position do you believe has a more solid and reasonable basis?
  • Compare and contrast Boethius’ lament with Job’s lament. What are the similarities and differences?
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