The ClassicalU Pathway Finder & Reading List

Three steps to charting your path:

  1. Take the 10-minute self assessment
  2. Select a fitting pathway of courses
  3. Craft a reading list to support your study

1. Self-Assessment

Take this brief self-assessment to determine those areas in which you are strong and weak. You will receive an immediate email with your score and some recommendations for charting your pathway.


SCORING RESULTS: A maximum score for any single category is 30 (six statements each worth a maximum of five points). In our estimation, scores under 15 indicate low understanding and skill; scores from 15-24 indicate decent or good understanding; scores from 25-30 indicate strong understanding.

2. Pathway Planner

Consult the planner below which can also be downloaded and printed. Use this to create your learning pathway.
You may also want to review our Course Catalog.


Reading List

Use the list below to help you wisely choose what books to read in what order. Use this in conjunction with your learning pathway. You may also want to use our Book Finder tool.

Additional Details


  • This Pathway Planner is a Beta version and being tested and refined during the month of April, 2020. 
  • We welcome your feedback and ideas for improvement. Please email them to jhakeATclassicalsubjects.com
  • Before attempting to plot and plan your learning pathway, please first take the ClassicalU Self-Assessment.

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