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Q: What's coming next?

A: We will continue to add new content on ClassicalU every month. We have completed all of the core courses for both Level 1 and Level 2, and now offer certification for completing either of these levels. This next year we will working on completing the core courses for Level 3 and Level L. We hope to complete that work by January 2020. As always, we’d love to hear feedback on what you would particularly like to see—for example, electives, individual lectures, or specific course topics. You can share feedback with us here.

Q: What is a the difference between certification for a course and certification for a level?

A: When you complete any individual course on Classical while also taking the lesson quizzes and the end of course test, you will receive an automatically-generated certificate for successfully completing the course. Each completed course also results in a continuing education unit (CEU) credit issued by the Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI). When you complete all of the core/required courses (plus at least one elective course) for a given level, you will receive a “level certification.” Presently, we offer a Level 1 and a Level 2 certification, and plan to offer a Level 3 and Level L (Leadership) certification by January 2020.

Q: Can I receive in-service, individual education, professional development, or CEU credit for completing courses?

A: We have partnered with the Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI) so that every course on ClassicalU will result in a CEU (continuing education unit) credit issued by the ASCI. After you complete a course that you take for credit (which means completing the quizzes and end of course test), you will automatically receive a certificate for completing the course. The certificate will contain the ASCI authorization for a CEU credit. You will can find your certificate under Courses/My Courses/Completed Courses while logged into ClassicalU. We encourage subscribers to submit these certificates to their school or organization as evidence of ongoing study in classical education, pedagogy, and leadership.

Q: Will courses I complete now count toward future ClassicalU certifications?

A: Yes—as a subscriber, you will be able to track your progress through each course. When we add the certification for each level, you will receive credit for any courses you have already completed. Some additional requirements may be added later to count toward receiving full credit (e.g., a written response to a course), but everything you complete now will count toward certification.

Q: What is the difference between an individual subscription and a group enrollment?

A: An individual account is a subscription for a single user. Group enrollments provide multiple accounts at a discounted rate for schools, co-ops, or other organizations of 10 or more people who would like access to ClassicalU.

Q: Can I purchase just 1 subscription and share it among my teachers and/or staff?

A: Each subscription is intended for one person. ClassicalU is designed to offer the equivalent of 6 years (or more) of teacher training, providing a clear path toward becoming a mentor-level teacher in the classical education movement. Our online courses are designed to provide full professional development and ongoing (rather than episodic) training toward mastery for teachers and co-op leaders; therefore, we encourage each user to purchase an individual account in order to take full advantage of the courses and resources offered. Individual subscriptions will also enable teachers/leaders to consume the courses in small increments at their leisure, therefore helping them to contemplate and review material at a restful, meaningful pace. This is why we offer substantial discounts for group enrollments.

Q: Is there any free content available on ClassicalU? Can I try before I buy?

A: Yes! You are able to preview a portion of all of our courses without a paid account. Click on any course to view the sample content.

Q: How many people qualify as a group for a group enrollment?

A: Group enrollments begin at 10 users. Groups of 10–24 users save 25%, and groups with 25+ users save 50%. See our pricing page here.

Q: If I purchase a group enrollment, how do members of the group access the content?

A: After you purchase a group enrollment, you will be provided with an online form in which you can list the name and email address of each member of your group. This will then enable each registered member in your group to log in with his or her email or user name. This list of purchased subscriptions is available at any time on the Dashboard of the individual who purchased the group enrollment. The Dashboard is located on the black bar on the top right (the circle with a person in it).

Q: Can my school submit a purchase order for ClassicalU subscriptions?
A: We accept POs for annual subscriptions to ClassicalU. You may submit purchase orders to orders (at), or fax them to 717-730-0721. 
We ask that on your PO, you designate one employee (and their email) at your school who would be the “manager” of the subscriptions, simply meaning that this individual will be provided with the activation forms to fill out for each member’s information. This will enable your school to always see a roster of current subscriptions, and ensures faster processing of activations.
Q: How do I add more members/teachers to a group enrollment later?

A: To purchase additional subscriptions at a later time, please call our office at 866-730-0711, ext. #1, to take advantage of the discounted rate.

Q: Is ClassicalU a recurring subscription?

A: All subscription plans automatically renew unless you preemptively cancel your subscription, which can be done from your Dashboard or by calling us at 866-730-0711 ext #1.

Q: Can I pay yearly and save money?

A: Yes! You save 10% by paying annually. Individual members save over $20, and group savings begin at $175. You can view a pricing chart here under the Pricing tab (next to the Description tab).

Q: Are additional discounts available?

A: We provide additional discounts to our partner organizations. This includes members of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS), the Society for Classical Learning (SCL), and Scholé Groups. Discount information is provided by each organization to their members. These discounts may not be combined.

Q: I purchased a subscription, but I can only see the free previews. How do I access the paid content?

A: We apologize that you are having difficulties with your account! Please review the troubleshooting steps below. If you are still having trouble accessing the paid content after working through these troubleshooting steps, please contact us with the email address used to subscribe and your order #.

  1. Visit and ensure that you are logged in. When you are logged in, the circular profile icon will be highlighted in green. If you are not logged in, please do so by hovering over the circular profile icon and selecting “Log In.” (Note: If you are on a mobile device, you will know you are logged in if you see the “Log Out” option at the bottom of the menu after expanding.)
  2. If you are logged in and still unable to view the paid content, please go to your dashboard to ensure that you have activated your subscription. Find your dashboard by hovering over the circular profile icon and clicking “Dashboard.” Once you have navigated to your dashboard, select the “Subscriptions” tab on the left side of your screen. If your ClassicalU subscription does not indicate that it is active, please follow the prompts to activate your subscription.
  3. Return to with your activated subscription. Navigate to the course that you wish to begin and click “Start Taking This Course.” You should now have access to the entire course content. You will also find this course now listed under “My Courses” in the main menu, along with an indication of your progress in the course.
  4. If you are still experiencing difficulty accessing ClassicalU content, please contact us with the email address used to subscribe and your order #.
Q: The videos are taking a long time to buffer (load). Can I reduce the resolution?

A: Yes! Most videos on ClassicalU are recorded in HiDef. In some cases, especially if your internet connection is unstable, this may slow down buffering speeds. You can increase the loading speed by clicking “HD” in the lower right hand corner of the video and choosing one of the lower resolution options, such as 360p or 540p.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

A: Monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at any time by navigating to your Dashboard > Subscriptions. Subscriptions should be cancelled at minimum 24 hours prior to the date your billing cycle auto-renews. (For example, if you are billed on the 6th of every month at noon, you will need to cancel by noon on the 5th in order to ensure that your card will not be processed for the next cycle on the 6th.)

When a subscription is cancelled, the status will be listed in your dashboard as “Pending-Cancellation” until the current billing cycle is complete. Site access will continue during this period. At the end of the billing cycle, the card will not be charged for the next month and access to the site content will expire.

If you cancel your subscription and then decide to resubscribe before the next recurring payment date, your billing cycle and access to the site content will not be interrupted.

Q: Can I print the Ambrose Curriculum Guide documents?

A: The Ambrose Curriculum Guide documents are read-only on We are working to convert the collection of files into a customizable, printable version, which will be available for purchase either in whole or in sections. We are planning on making the Guide for sale by March 2019.

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