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Course Developers / Ornamenters Wanted!

We Are Growing…

ClassicalU is growing and in need of some talented people to help us develop the new courses we are adding to the site.

We need people with:

–An interest in academic content or ongoing learning
–A college degree or its equivalent in terms of academic learning and writing
–An ability to write and summarize well, as our developers will listen to lectures and create companion outlines and discussion questions
–An ability to work 5-10 hours per week on a consistent basis

Job Description
A ClassicalU Course Developer / Ornamenter will view recorded video presentations of our teacher trainers and create clear, well-written outlines of the presentations using Microsoft Word. The Developer will also create 4-5 discussion questions that would help viewers to engaged the content of the presentation and explore it with other teachers or colleagues. The Developer will also create 4-5 quiz questions that will follow each presentation. The Developer will upload the outline, discussion questions, quiz questions to an online project site.

ClassicalU will pay $30 for each presentation that is developed and will pay on a monthly basis in response to a monthly invoice submitted by the Developer.

Interested persons should email a letter of interest to



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