A lesson objective that should always be in place . . .

In this 40-second clip from his Introduction to Classical Education course, Dr. Perrin reminds teachers of one essential goal for every moment in your classroom. Are you leveraging the power of the liberal arts to teach students how to learn? Here are some practical questions to ask yourself as you design your lessons and evaluate your own teaching daily:

  1. Does each lesson that you teach integrate with some of the language and quantitative arts?
  2. Do you regularly provide students with a healthy balance of instruction in techniques as well as independent practice?
  3. Do your students see the delight on your face and hear the excitement in your voice when they take responsibility for their own learning and share their abilities with others in your classroom?

ClassicalU courses offer many further insights into how the seven liberal arts free our students to become lifelong learners. Consider taking The Liberal Arts Tradition course with Dr. Kevin Clark and Ravi Jain, as well as reading the revised, expanded edition of their groundbreaking book (which first inspired their course). Brian Williams, dean of the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University, has said of this book:

Clark and Jain are not antiquarian archaeologists, nor are they peddlers of archaic novelties. Instead, they are astute educators who have received a humane tradition, practiced it, sifted it, and are now sharing it with others. We are all beneficiaries of their work. I am especially delighted with the rare attention they give to the poetic mode, the formation of virtue in community, the fine and common arts, the importance of festive leisure, and the necessary connection between a school’s calling, culture, and curriculum. Anyone interested or involved in classical liberal arts education—school boards, administrators, educators, faculty, parents, or students—should be grateful for this very fine work from Kevin Clark and Ravi Scott Jain.

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