On February 5, we are stepping out to release our Beta version of to our network of Scholé Groups around the country.  The Scholé Groups network will be the first to make use of ClassicalU, try it out, and give us feedback and suggestions for improvement.  We are excited about the benefits our Scholé Groups network will enjoy and the ways that ClassicalU will be improved based on the constructive criticism of many Scholé Groups around the country.


We are calling this first release on Feb. 5 a Beta release for three main reasons:

  •  We have not yet finished developing all the courses planned for Level 1.  Right now we have 7 of 10 courses developed for Level 1 and just 1 o 10 courses developed for Level 2.  No courses are posted yet for Level 3.
  • Of the courses that have been developed, not all of them are fully complete.  A few of them lack some features that we will add such as discussion questions, supplemental illustrations, references and notes.
  • We are proofing the site as we develop new content, but there will be some inevitable typos and other errors when we put up new content that has yet to be proofed.



We invite all of our Scholé Group users to suggest ways that we can improve and enhance the site!  Any user can make a recommendation by emailing us at  You can also leave comments for us after this blog post.


We will be adding new courses and course content throughout the spring and summer, with a goal of having 20 fully-developed course available by Sept. 1.

Thank you for using ClassicalU and helping us improve our offering!

Christopher Perrin


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