We are getting close to finishing the build-out of our Level 1 courses, meaning that we can soon offer a certification for those teachers who complete the Level 1 courses and two electives. To receive the certification, teachers will need to take each course for credit, which means taking the assessments embedded in the course and completing the end-of-course assessment, which sometimes will include uploading a 600-word essay. We think that we will finish the Level 1 build-out by the summer or early fall of 2018.

In addition to finishing all of the courses for Level 1, for certification we will also require a 5–7 page paper on the topic of “What is Classical Education?” Each paper will be read by a mentor-level educator and assessed on a pass/fail basis. Teachers will be able to hand in a paper as many times as needed to achieve a passing assessment.

After completing the build-out of Level 1, we will go on to complete the development of Levels 2 and 3. We plan to offer about 10 core courses per level and multiple elective courses per level. Just as with Level 1, teachers will be able to receive a Level 2 and Level 3 certification by finishing the core courses and two electives for each level. We will require an end-of-level paper for each level as well.

Here is the essential structure and progression of training that we have imagined:

LEVEL 1 (Apprentice / Beginner)
– What is Classical Education?
– Essential Principles and Practices in the Classical Tradition of Education
– Essential Arts with Which Every Classical Educator Should Be Familiar
– Epic Study: Homer’s Odyssey
– Level 1 Paper: “What is Classical Education?”

LEVEL 2 (Journeyman / Intermediate)
– What is Modern Education and How Does it Differ from Classical Education?
– Ongoing Study of Pedagogy, with Particular Emphasis on Socratic Teaching
– Study of Some of the Great Thinkers of the Classical Tradition
– Study of Logic, Introduction to Rhetoric
– Introduction to Training and Mentoring Teachers
– Epic Study: Virgil’s Aeneid
– Level 2 Paper: “What is Classical Pedagogy?”

LEVEL 3: (Master or Mentor / Advanced)
– Ongoing Study of the Great Thinkers of the Classical Tradition
– Ongoing Study of Rhetoric
– Review of Modern Research As It Relates to Classical Education
– Training and Mentoring Teachers
– Epic Study: Dante’s Divine Comedy
– Level 3 Paper: Great Educational Thinker Paper (exploring the contributions of one great thinker to the tradition of classical education)

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