As of January 2019, we have finished developing all of the courses on Levels 1 and 2, adding lecture outlines, discussion questions, recommended resources, lesson quizzes, and end-of-course tests. This means that every course can be taken for credit as long as you complete the lesson quizzes and end-of-course test. When you do this, you automatically receive a continuing education unit (CEU) from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). When you have completed all the core courses (plus at least one elective) for either Level 1 or Level 2, you automatically receive your certification for that Level. When you earn a certificate, the certificate will be automatically-generated and available for you to download and print under “My Courses” in the main menu.

Here is a summary of how you can proceed to earn credit for individual courses and also earn a certificate for completing and entire level:

Certificate for an Individual Course

  • Start a course at any level.
  • As you proceed through the course, make sure you take the quiz at the end of each lesson.
  • We encourage you to download the lesson outlines and put them in a folder or notebook for ongoing study and review.
  • Take the end-of-course test after you finish the final lesson in the course. Before taking the test, consider reviewing the outlines and quizzes you have taken throughout the course.
  • Many of the courses will also require that you upload an essay question as part of your end-of-course test. Make sure you answer this essay question, ahead of time, before you take the end-of-course test, as you will be prompted to upload your essay as part of the test.
  • Allow up to two weeks for your test to be graded.
  • Your certificate (which is good for an ASCI CEU credit) will be automatically generated under “Courses/My Courses/Completed Courses” on the main menu.
  • Click the button named “View Certificate” to download your certificate as a PDF.


Certificate for an Entire Level

  • Complete all the core courses, plus at least one elective, for either Level 1 or Level 2.
  • You must take all such courses for credit, meaning that you must complete the lesson quizzes and the end of course test.
  • As you complete each course for credit, you will see a progress bar fill out under “Courses/My Courses/Level Progress.”
  • When the progress bar is complete, your Level 1 or Level 2 certificate will be automatically-generated, and a “View Level Certificate” button will appear.
  • Click the button named “View Level Certificate” to download your certificate as a PDF.


Q. What I have already completed courses for credit on Level 1 or 2? Will those courses that I have already taken count towards my Level 1 or Level 2 certification?

A. Yes! You will see that your progress bar is already being filled out based on the courses you have already taken for credit. If you have take all the courses (plus and elective) the “View Level Certificate” button will appear, enabling you to download your Level certificate.

Q. When will I be able to pursue a Level 3 or Level L (Leadership) certification? 

A. We will be building out and adding courses to both Level 3 and Level L in the coming year. We hope to have certification for for both levels by January 2020.



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