Now that we have nearly completed the development of our Level 1 Core Courses, we are adding a certification component as well. We have just posted our first course that you can take for certification credit–Andrew Kern’s course on Classical Pedagogy. Here is how certification will work on ClassicalU:

Take a Course for Certification Credit–or Not
No one is obligated to take a course for certification credit. Certification will make sense for many but not all of you on ClassicalU.

What kind of certification is offered via ClassicalU?
We are rolling out two kinds of certification–individual course certification and level certification.




–Individual Course Certification: Subscribers may take a course and earn a certification credit by taking the quizzes embedded in the course and the end of course certification test.

–Level Certification: Subscribers may earn a “Level 1 Certification” by taking all of the Level 1 Core Courses and two Level 1 Elective Courses. To earn a Level Certification, subscribers must take each course for a certification credit. As well, subscribers wishing to earn a Level 1 Certification will also submit a 6-10 page paper addressing the question “What is Classical Education?” and pass an oral examination (via a phone or video conference interview) with one of the ClassicalU faculty.

What is the difference between quizzes and end of course certification tests?
The quizzes are generally short (4-6 questions) and will engage the subscriber on the presentation just viewed. The quizzes are designed to foster engagement, attention, and memory. Most of the questions will be multiple choice questions and will be automatically graded on a pass/fail basis. The quiz can be reset and taken again as necessary. The end of course (“final”) certification test is a cumulative test that will feature multiple choice questions, but also up to two essay questions that will require the subscriber to upload a document to ClassicalU. These essays will be reviewed by one of our ClassicalU faculty. These final tests can only be taken once while online but can be taken a second time by request of the subscriber. Before each final test, subscribers will be prompted to review the content of the entire course in preparation for the test.

Our aim with certification tests is not to be tricky or cagey, but simply to confirm that a subscriber has mastered the essential content of the course and can demonstrate that in writing (hence the essay questions).

How difficult with the Level Certification paper and oral exam be?
There will be no surprises here. First, the paper can be submitted as many times as necessary in order to pass. The oral exam can also be repeated as necessary. We will publish a substantial “Level 1 Review” document that will help subscribers prepare for this oral exam, and the exam itself will not consist of several unexpected “gotcha” questions. We do want to see, however, that a subscriber has become familiar with the essential content represented in Level 1. The oral exam will take approximately 60 minutes.

How will I keep track of the courses for which I have earned certification?
The ClassicalU software tracks this automatically. It will be your responsibility as a subscriber, however, to contact us when you are ready to write your paper for the Level 1 Certification and to schedule your oral exam.

I notice that only a couple of courses offer certification credit. When will the others be certifiable? 
We plan to have all the Level 1 courses certifiable by the end of August 2017.

What if I have already completed a course before it was certifiable? Can I retroactively obtain credit for these courses?
Yes. Once we have added the certification test at the end of such a course (that you have already completed), simply go back to that course and go to the end of course test module. Take some time reviewing for the test, then take it and upload your essay questions. We will then be able to give you a certification credit for the course.

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