We are very pleased to report that in about three months we will be releasing the Ambrose Curriculum Guide as a downloadable product. We have worked with the Ambrose School to edit and refine the Guide and will be offering it for sale as a Microsoft Word document that schools and co-ops can then modify and customize.

This will prove to be a huge help to schools wishing to create a comprehensive curriculum guide for teachers, but who would rather not do so from scratch! You may already know that the Guide contains clear, thoughtful outlines and guidance for every grade and course in a classical school and has been tested and refined over ten years.

Organizations that purchase this digital version Ambrose Curriculum Guide may make changes to the documents (which will be noted as “used and adapted with permission from Classical Academic Press and the Ambrose School) and print the Guide for their own community only (it may not be transferred or resold).

Many schools will jump at the chance to create their own guide, building upon the excellent work in the Ambrose Curriculum Guide. The Guide will go on sale on the Classical Academic Press website sometime in the late winter or early spring. The price for the Guide will be $995.

Of course any subscriber to ClassicalU already has viewable access to the entire Ambrose Curriculum Guide–but would it not be nice to have your digital copy with which to create a top-shelf guide for your entire school or co-op?


Christopher P

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